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Oils and Fats Processing

Edible oil is one of the most important primary foods and therefore requires maximum quality. The quality of the final product depends on the refining method and the nature of the crude oil. Huading Separator offers a wide range of solutions designed to boost value in this respect, ranging from a separator with a daily capacity of 10 tonnes for operators of small oil mills right through to separators with capacities of more than 600 tonnes per day for large refineries.

Modern Processes for recovering oils and fats are characterized by the broad application of centrifugal clarifying and separating technology. The quality of the end product depends on the production process as well as on the nature of raw materials and products used.

Huading Separator provides various centrifugal separators, decanters that enable you to rapidly, efficiently and safely vary production to meet changes in your customers’ requirements and specifications.

Fields of application :

 ■ Degumming 
 ■ Neutralisation 
 ■ Washing 
 ■ Winterisation 
 ■ Fractionation  
 ■ Clarifying pressed distillate 
 ■ Oil and fat recovery

Processing of e. g.:
 ■ Soybean oil
 ■  Rapeseed oil
 ■  Sunflower oil
 ■  Animal fat
 ■  Cottonseed oil
 ■  Corn oil
 ■  Fish oil
 ■  Palm oil
 ■  Rice bran oil 

oil refining

oil recovery