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Product Name: Biodiesel


Biodiesel, a kind of renewable fuel resource, is widely available. Now, a new trend of utilizing biodiesel resources is being raised. Compared with mineral diesel oil, it has such features as low sulfur content, low pollution emission, good renewability and excellent biological degradability etc. Therefore, it has wide development prospect.

Biodiesel is obtained by means of the socalled transesterification process. This is a chemical reaction, which replaces one type of alcohol in a given ester with another using methanol. As a result of this transesterification, the end product has a clearly lower viscosity than the untreated oil and can therefore be used as a fuel, with only minor adjustments to the engine. Biodiesel can be mixed in any ratio with mineral oil diesel.

Centrifugal separators can be used in the following process stagesin virtually all of the following:
 ■ Separation of methyl ester and glycerine / catalyst / soap / methanol
 ■ Washing of methyl ester
 ■ Separation of fatty acids from glycerine
 ■ Separation of salts from glycerine