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Product Name: Biotech and pharmaceutical

Centrifugal separation method is an important part of many processes in pharmaceutical biotechnology. The quality of the separating process is decisive to the quality of the end product and the economy and environmental compatibility of the process. The constantly high separating rates of separators and decanters from Huading Separator comply fully with these requirements.

The wide product range of Huading Separator has realized the application of separators and decanters in different fields as well as application in all processes requiring phase separation technology.

Huading Separator's centrifugal separation technology play a key role in biotech and pharmaceutical processes.
Separators and decanters from Huading Separator are compliance with production requirements of aseptic process management, optimum cleaning capability, closed product handling, gentle product treatment, reliable compliance with GMP requirements, efficient recovery of active ingredients and so on. 

Separators and decanters from Huading Separator find a variety of applications in a large number of biotech and pharmaceutical industry processes :

■ Antibiotics
■ Alkaloids
■ Flavourings
■ Perfumes
■ Enzymes
■ Plant extracts
■ Organ extracts
■ Glucose isomerase
■ Hormones
■ Human blood
■ Vaccines
■ Insulin
■ Morphine
■ Medicinal plants
■ Rose oils
■ Synthetic pharmaceutical products
■ Vitamins
■ Fermentation products