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Chemical Industry

In chemical industry, strict requirements are brought forward to the performance of centrifugal separator and decanter centrifuges. Strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature, increased levels of wear are the greatest challenges to the machinery. Safety is the most important.

All machines meet the most stringent quality requirements such as DIN EN ISO 9001 / CE directive and are customized to the individual needs of each specific application. Since Huading Separator has been in centrifugal separation technology for more than half a century, able to supply appropriate facilities to meet all specified requirements. eg. explosion-protected design, gas tight design, nirogen blanketing etc.

 ■ Xanthan 
 ■ Plastic suspensions 
 ■ Polycarbonates 
 ■ Aldehydes / alcohols 
 ■ Barium sulphate 
 ■ Recovery of alkaline salts (boiler ash) 
 ■ Celluloses and derivates 
 ■ Printing colours / inks 
 ■ Colours / paints / resins
 ■ Gum arabic 
 ■ Catalytic segregation 
 ■Cosmetic and hygiene products 
 ■ Alkalis 
 ■ Luminescent materials
 ■ Solvent recovery and clarification 
 ■ Nitration of aromatics 
 ■ Nylon, caprolactam 
 ■ Oil additives 
 ■ Pesticides 
 ■ Peroxides
 ■ Phosphoric acid 
 ■ Polyacetates 
 ■ Acids 
 ■ Viscose, cellulose acetate


Peroxide process