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Given our 50 years of experience in the centrifugal separation technology and our deep knowledge and understanding of dairy technology, we are well equipped to help you give milk the desired properties required for different finished products.The Long-standing experiences and the qualified permanent staffs have provided for the fact that separators from Huading became known worldwide. Huading produce separators for the milk industry in self-cleaning and non self-cleaning design in different parameters and for every size of companies.

Huading Separator have been widely used for separation, clarification, and standardization of milk . Separation of whey.

Milk skimming during pasteurization is the most common application for the centrifugal separators in dairies. The globular milk fat is separated from the skim milk, and hot milk skimming normally takes place between 45°C and 60°C. This temperature assures a good skimming efficiency and a low viscosity of the outlet cream. The skimming efficiency is influenced by milk temperature, seasonal variation, milk quality, mechanical treatment and air suction upstream the separator.
Separation of milk or whey into skim milk and cream. The self-cleaning bowl makes the machine suitable for fully automatic cleaning-in-place. Both light phase and heavy phase are discharged under pressure. Sediment is ejected from the bowl at pre-determined intervals while the bowl is rotating at full speed.
Skimming efficiency is expressed as residual fat content in the skimmed milk. At rated capacity, Huading Separators generally give a residual fat content lower than 0.05%.

In many cases milk must be clarified at first receiving by the dairy, to remove impurities from milk. If process conditions are favourable it is also possible to obtain an efficient reduction in the amount of leucocytes and bacteria.
The milk clarifier can operate with cold or warm milk; however an higher temperature increases the clarification efficiency.

The following are examples of applications:
 ■ Milk and whey cream skimming
 ■ Clarification of milk and whey
 ■ Bacteria removal from milk and whey
 ■ Cream concentration
 ■ Standardization of milk, cream and whey cream

The processing of certain products such as:
 ■ Casein 
 ■ Cheese fines 
 ■ Fresh cheese
 ■ Double cream cheese
 ■ Lactose 
 ■ Whey proteins 
 ■ Butter 
 ■ Butter oil