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Product Name: Mineral Oil

Cost pressure and increasingly stringent environmental requirements need leading technologies for processing fuel and lubricating oils, and for dealing with sludges containing oil and water. Centrifugal separation technology from Huading Separator offers the optimum solution, even under extreme conditions.

During the operation of various steam turbines,diesel engines and water turbine units, the turbine oil used for cooling, lubricating and speed regulating can be polluted easily, which will cause the accumulation of moisture and impurities as well as emulsification of mineral oil. All of these will severely damage operation safety and service life of the unit.

Separators for the mineral oil treatment as the following:

 ■ Fuel treatment 
 ■ Lube oil treatment 
 ■ Oil-water-solids mixtures treatment 
 ■ Bilge water treatment 
 ■ Fuel desalting 
 ■ Drilling mud treatment 
 ■ Deoiling of produced and drain water 
 ■ Crude oil dewatering 
 ■ Hydraulic oil treatment
 ■ Coolant with lubricant fluid treatment 
 ■ Washing lye treatment 
 ■ Treatment of waste emulsions 
 ■ Waste oil treatment
 ■ Sludge concentration