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Plant Extracts

Plant extracts are defined as concentrated preparations of liquid, solid or viscous consistency. Plant extracts can be used for pharmacy, to produce useful medicines, drugs etc. Plant extracts are also used in some beauty products (shampoos, soaps, perfumes), medicines, or food flavoring (like vanilla extract).

Extraction is a separating process. Huading Separator offers separators and decanters in gas-tight and explosion-proof design that ensure their gentle extraction and thus forms an important basis for medical advance. Whether liquid-liquid, liquid-liquid-solid or liquid solid, whether single-stage or multi-stage method, Huading Separator covers most of methods and modes of operation in plant extraction industry.

Applications of separators and decanters:
 ■ Alkaloids [Morphine / Codeine / Caffeine / Cocaine / Ergot / Quinine / Rauwolfia / Digitalis ]
 ■ Herbal medicines 
 ■ Medicinal teas 
 ■ Essential oils 
 ■ Scents 
 ■ Antibiotics [Penicillin / Erythromycin / Tetracyclin /  Bacitracin / Clavulanic acid /Cyclosporine ]
 ■ Steroids / hormones [Corticosteroid / Growth hormone / Testosterone etc ] 
 ■ Vitamins 
 ■ Aromatic materials