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Output of mainland mechanical separation products are most overcapacity

Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge (Recommended Equipment: Refrigerated Centrifuge) It has strong adaptability to raw materials, to complete the performance of different filters and a variety of materials to meet the off liquid, washing and other technical requirements, is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, food, pharmaceutical and other fields, separated materials including ammonium sulphate sodium sulphate, sodium chloride, boric acid, starch, pesticide, synthetic resin, chloride, sodium bicarbonate and so on. At present, the annual demand for the aircraft 300 to 400. In recent years, the domestic development of the siphon-type scraper centrifuge, the product on a rating.

Screw Centrifuge machine wide range of applications, large capacity, compact, small footprint, can be used for solid off liquid, liquid clarification. At present, the domestic production of product quality can not meet the user requirements, high repair rate. The general oversupply of domestic products, but the specifications, high speed, automatic product still mainly rely on imports.

Three centrifuge simple structure, strong adaptability to raw materials is the application of the most extensive filtering centrifuge, low cost, in the pharmaceutical, light industry, textiles, chemicals widely used in the fields. Domestic annual demand is about 4000 ~ 6000, while domestic enterprises manufacturing capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 units / year, has exceeded demand. Enterprises should be stronger in the future, work hard to do fine, innovative, and form their own characteristics.

Hang type centrifuge in light industry, chemical and pharmaceutical fields, the aircraft used for separation of MSG, light carbonate, chloride, and glucose. At present, China's annual production capacity of 300 units, demand for the 150 ~ 200 units / year, oversupply, competition among enterprises. In the future, enterprises should further improve product performance, quality, appearance, reduce manufacturing costs.

Pusher centrifuge machine continuous operation, large capacity, lower energy consumption, widely used in the field of chemical and light industry, separation bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, salt, urea, and nitrocellulose, etc. products. The devices require a higher quality of supporting parts, some parts are still dependent on imports of China. At present, China's annual demand for the equipment, about 200 ~ 250, but the domestic product is still not completely replace the imported products.

Compact disc separator machine, small footprint, large capacity, mainly for separation of difficult to separate the materials, such as viscous liquids and small solid composition of such suspension. Most aircraft are designed for a certain purpose, each model has its limitations applications. At present, the domestic annual demand is about 15,000 ~ 20,000 units, oversupply.

Vacuum filter drum vacuum filter is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, food, oil refining, paper and waste water treatment and other fields, for the separated flow is good, not too thin suspension. Because of the different products and other forms of filtration, filter media side of the pressure less than atmospheric pressure, by vacuum filtration device as a driving force, and thus drive less. Vacuum filter the domestic annual demand of 200 ~ 300. In recent years, the large size vacuum filter trend to increase demand, disc-type vacuum filter also welcomed.

Filter press machine is widely used in sugar refining process of industrial calcium carbonate filtration, the starch grain deep processing and recycling, the food industry in the syrup of activated carbon filtration, dye industry in a variety of dyes and dye intermediates, filtering, high purity alumina production, oil dewaxing, iron ore, gold and other particulate traps or recovery, kaolin and other filter. The domestic demand is about 3000 ~ 4000. At present, China is capable of producing large-sized frame, box filter, some with explosion-proof electrical system features automatic feeding system for the trial of products have successfully met the needs of different levels of users.