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Enviromental technology application in oil-free air compressor

According to authoritative,in less than 300 years industrial process of humanbeing,consume more than 70% earth’s resources.If continuous,we will soon face resource depletion situation.Therefore ,in recent years,the world countries vigorovsly promote the development of environmental technology.At nearly 10 years development of air compressor and widely used in many industries.Well,what’s enviromental technology included in silent oil-free air compressor?Which companies do better in domestic?

After investigation,author understand that at present domestic manufacturer located in zhejiang and Guangdong province.These enterprisers depended on ectensive operations now under the national enviromental policy,continuous innovation.attention to environmental science and technology inputs, there have been represented by the Electrical and Mechanical Wenzhou Ruianyite quiet oil-free air compressor manufacturer. We have lamented the Wenzhou businessmen, to create a smart --- Wenzhou development model. I believe we will in the near future, the fear of Wenzhou, a leading environmental technology.
Let us look at the environmental protection advocated by the Electrical and Mechanical Ruianyite Silent oil free air compressor included in the environmental elements of it.
1.saving environmental protection --- pioneer.
The scientific design of the compressor and the motor cylinder, piston ring, the transmission quality of control, can significantly increase gas production under the unit power. Automatic switch, and simple operating procedures, can reduce energy consumption.
2.environmental protection --- output of fresh air to be clean.
None oil lubrication technology, as well as indoor air compressor within the spray tank wall treatment and processing technology, coupled with good air filters and oil-water separators to ensure that the output of the air cleaner, fresher. If the installation of non-heat regeneration dryer, but also to ensure no water, air dry.
3. lower environmental noise
noise control technology performance compressor in a more reasonable work flow design, while the inlet of the silencer device muffled noise canceling sound and shock absorption pad configuration of the compressor is also very critical. Lower noise control is installed with sound-absorbing effect of the news speaker.
4. environmental protection --- stability and durability
stable performance, even in extreme conditions, can maintain a certain working hours, reduced or no fault, to ensure a longer duration of use, economical use of maintenance costs for customers, is itself a manifestation of environmental protection.
5, Green --- packaging must comply with environmental requirements
choose reusable or biodegradable packaging materials, while ensuring the safety of the transportation equipment, minimize the use of fancy packaging.
6, green --- green products should be environmentally friendly factory produced
Not only to ensure that the products produced is environmentally friendly at the same time, the factory must be clean and tidy, pay attention to the working environment. In particular, do not disorder the sewage water, garbage waste litter production, focus on maintenance of the environment around the plant.
7, environmental protection --- a strong entrepreneurial responsibility and environmental awareness
As general manager Huang of Rui’an Aite Electrical, often says: While doing environmentally friendly products, is to pay more costs than others. But it is worth it, think about future generations, we should leave them a blue sky. Yes , we are pleased to see such as Aite Electrical and more and more responsible business, we hope more companies join the green ranks, leaving a blue sky for future generations.