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The structural analysis of experimental high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

High-speed refrigerated centrifuges are mainly used to extract needed components from liquid mixtures. According to the different densities of substances, the liquid is layered after a high-speed rotation. The liquid with large density submerges in the bottom, and the liquid with small density floats on top. In this way, we can extract needed pure substances. High-speed refrigerated centrifuges are applied in many fields such as pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry.
1.       The software process of high-speed refrigerated centrifuge
The control subroutine of seven kinds of rotor models has been confirmed in the prototype debugging. In the application, the users simply input the rotor’s type to be used via keyboard.
2.       Running results of the system
Control system failure and mechanical failure should be able to be detected in time. Close all control objects and minimize the system losses. At the same time, when some failures which have no effect on production such as the damage of button etc. are detected, testers should alarm and prompt the operator, but don’t need to stop producing.
Hydraulic press uses the coexistence of compression and decompression to achieve pressure balance. When the differential pressure is large, it will use the output mode of strong compression and zero-decompression; when the differential pressure is small, it will use the output mode of weak compression and zero-decompression; however, when the pressure is negative, it will use decompression to output and the compression will be zero. This process is relatively simple in theory, but in the actual control process, because the response of the system is lagging, its algorithm should be adjusted in the actual debugging process and in order to achieve the most satisfactory control.
3.       Problems and solutions in the debugging process
If there is a power frequency hardening furnace and a welding shop beside the producing department, the industrial interference will be serious and will have a great influence on the regular system work. For this reason, we will take some anti-jamming measures, including:
a.       anti-jamming measures of software
b.       Besides resetting measures, shield quarantine measures of the hardware are strengthened.
c.       the use of independent power supply (the split-phase of interference source) or the installation of UPS power supply
d.       IRC absorption circuit is added in the relay coil.
With these measures, the system will work correctly.
The instability of the sampled signal will affect the reliability of control. The serious interference affects the stability of the input and the signal, leads to a false signal sampling phenomenon and causes a malfunction in the end. We are going to analyze according to the spot phenomena and add a hardware filter circuit in the preceding stage to solve the problem.