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The factors to be considered in centrifuge selection

The factors to be considered in centrifuge selection:
(1)    The separation of materials is mainly related to solid phase materials or liquid phase materials.
(2)    The particle size, density and hardness of the solid phase material.
(3)    The density, viscosity and surface tension of the liquid phase material.
(4)    The affinity and concentration of the solid phase material or the liquid phase material, and the properties of all electric charges (positive charges or negative charges).
(5)    The volatility of the material.
(6)    The fire and explosion fatalness of the material.
(7)    The corrosivity of the material.
(8)    The recovery of the material.
(9)    If the solid material is crystallization products, it will require low levels of crystalline damage in the separation process. So there will be special requirements of the equipment’s structures, discharge forms and methods.
(10)The properties of sludge: the higher the organic content and the oil content of sludge, the worse the dehydration performance.
(11)The handling capacity of sludge. For the centrifuge with certain specification, effluent effect is changing with the increase of the handling capacity of sludge. In order to achieve the desired goal, it is very important to choose the appropriate model size according to the capacity of sludge.
(12)Differential speed. Its size not only affects the disposing capacity, but also affects the disposing effect.