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Product Name: Horizontal leaf filter

 Horizontal leaf filter

Horizontal leaf filter is a kind of closed precise clarifying device of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and automatic filtration. It is widely used in such industries as grain and oil, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, food, beverage, pharmacy, biology and sugar manufacturing etc.

Standard design:
■ Closed filtration, environmentally friendly without pollution.
■ Automatic pull-out structure of mesh board facilities residual removal and observation.
■ Double-side filtration with large filtration area and high residue containing capacity.
■ Vibrating residue discharging reduces labor intensity.
■ Hydraulic control realizes automatic operation.
■ The filter can be made into a filtration system of high capacity and large area.
Area Series
Simplified diameter series
Working pressure
Operating temperature
Processing capacity of about (T / h.m 2 )
5-500 800-3500 ≤0.4 ≤150 Fat 0.22
Beverages 0.83
Resin 0.75