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Product Name: Nozzle separators

Nozzle separators

Many liquid processes contain relatively high levels of solid content and when high throughputs are required with solids content of more than 10% the continuous discharge effect created by nozzles in the periphery of the bowl is put to use.

The Nozzle bowl separator is most often used for classification of solids according to size, dewatering and washing of solids, and for clarification of liquids containing relatively high concentrations of solids. It can also be used for 3 phase applications where two liquid phases and a solids phase need to be separated in one step. When nozzle separator used as a clarifier, it is so called concentrator. 
Nozzle separators are used to thicken solids from suspensions.

If the concentration of the solids varies over time a recirculation system can be added to the design of the centrifuge in order to gain greater control over the separation procedure.